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Say Hi to Your Mother for Me
May 10, 2009, 10:59 pm
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It’s mothers day and I want to say how much I love my mother. She’s the most amazing woman I have had the pleasure of meeting. If I can be half the person that she is, I’ll consider myself extremely fortunate! She is the most important person in my life and I hope I can repay her for everything she’s done for me. I know she’ll never read this, well the chances of her reading this is less then me winning the lottery, which is something I don’t play, but I’ll say it anyway for you all to know. I love you mom! Thank you for the support and all the opportunities you have given me and will continue to give me!


It’s the Mental Projection of your Digital Self Part 1
May 7, 2009, 10:18 pm
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The mic picked up his breath sending it through the house speakers for those in the shadows to hear. Light from the floods picked up the hint of grey in his blue eyes as he scanned the darkness trying to get a feel for the small crowd that lay before him. The house band struck its first set of chords; he closed his eyes and set into his song. The shadows applauded as his voice filled the room.

He sang with passion and flare, getting the small audience to swing and sway with every lyric. At times, he would sit on a high stool crooning out great ballads of love, mic in one hand and a tonic and lime in the other. Other times he would move around the stage with a style and grace keeping up to the songs about cities and luck with ladies and once a night he would bring up one special lady he found in the darkness and sing a song just to her.

The end of every night was the same. He stood at the front of his small space, the house lights on allowing him to finally see those he was singing to. The audience always stood and applauded loudly. Men would whistle, women would say, “I can’t believe he even looks like him” and the man that had just entertained them bowed once, kissed the tips of his hands and gave them to the crowd and walked off stage, this time with a gin and tonic in his hand and the mic left on the stool.

Back stage in his small closet like dressing room, John Bergen would take off the outfit he wore for whatever singer he was portraying, this night he took of his ‘50s era tuxedo, and would sit in his chair looking at whatever drink he happened to get at the end of the night. Looking into the mirror, he would stare at a face that was not his, but that of some famous person only a few people remembered. As many times as John had mimicked Ol’ Blue Eyes, he could never get over the fact that when he looked in the mirror he was looking through the eyes of a man long gone from the world. Bringing his left wrist up to his face, he looked at skin coloured band sliding the unlock display bringing up a small window where he pressed the icon that allowed the band to detach from his wrist. Upon doing so, the face John looked at in the mirror contorted and changed in a familiar painful way into the visage of a man speeding towards forty, with dull brown eyes and hair that was getting graying at an alarming rate.

Bringing his hand fully to face, John rubbed the creases that were not there moments ago, trying to remember when they got there. There always seemed to be something new to look at when John took off his Nokia Morph T-800, this time it seemed to be a deeper longer crease below his left eye. He wondered if it was a side effect from the night in and night out changing his face went through. There hadn’t been a rpoblem since the T-100 series, experts said that the 800’s were virtually flawless. Virtually thought John, just another word for close but not quite. With John imitating someone else every night of the week he wondered if the morph might be getting confused with who he really was, giving him an older and older look.

Lifting the gin and tonic to his lips, he drank the last dregs of alcohol that sat in the half melted ice, then picked up his morph, unlocking it and then unfolding the band into a cue card sized sheet, john pressed the video call button and pressed the listing for bar. On the now cue card sized morph was a young man turning to look in john’s direction. Behind the man John could see the audiences view of the stage he just stood on, which was now near empty as the last patrons finished filtering out.

“Yes Mr. Bergen, what will it be?”

“Gin and tonic please, Ryan.”

“You got it Sir. The kitchen is still open, you want them to fix you something?”

“No that’s Okay Ryan, just the drink please.”

“Sure thing.”

“Actually Ryan, can you make that a double? “Of course Sir.”

“And make that two.” “

Two double gin and tonics it is then.” “

Thanks Ryan.”

“My pleasure Mr. Bergen.”

John pressed the end icon and Ryan was replaced by rotating morph logo. Folding it in half and pressing a new icon the morph displayed a numbered keypad. Placing his morph to his ear, John asked the phone to dial his voicemail, which it promptly did. Seconds later John hung up his morph folded it back to a band and slapped it back to his wrist, turning from green back to the colour of his skin. John swore under his breath, there was no new messages, there never really was.

It’s All Part of the Plan!
May 6, 2009, 10:16 pm
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So I did. Finally. I bought an iPod Touch. And it is TOTALLY WICKED!!! you can do anything with this thing. and I mean anything! if it had a big enough headphone jack I think I’d…so ya you can do lots of cool stuff on it. I downloaded a couple apps so far. there are tons to choose from, most cost money, like 99 cents, which goes on your credit, but mines full so that won’t be happening yet. I did get an app called 9-toolbox that seems to be like a mans toolbox. There is one app within it called “My Girl’s Day” and isn’t about your wife or girlfriend’s birthday, but the specific cycle that no one really likes. It has a calendar so you can tell when she’s menstruating, when the highest chance of pregnancy, and when it’s alright to go to funky town. Its a pretty wild thing and one of the most downloaded apps right now. it even has a level if you need to put up a shelf. 

I got the iPod touch cause my shuffle died and I need something to play my music while I’m in the car and running. Plus with this new job working for (beep) I thought it would be a good thing to keep me organized and allow me to bring work home with me. I debated the iPhone, but I would have had to upgrade my cell (which is also a touch phone) and I didn’t want to have a phone and Mp3 player all in one. though I kinda wish I did now. This is touch screen is the best one I have used yet and kinda dislike texting on my LG VU now, but thats cool.

There’s some personal stuff for you. I know some of you have been waiting for it. 

I just finished watching tonites episode of Lost and it was great! I have NO idea where they are going with all this stuff or how it fits in to what has already happened, but it keeps making me watching. This show and How I Met Your Mother are the only shows I have been watching that don’t have to throw you cliche curve-balls to get you to watch them. There is clearly a well laid out plan for both shows and there season finales  are going to be great! especially HIMYM; I feel something good is about to happen. I would love to hear anyones predictions about what is going to happen in either show, or what app they can’t live without on their iPod or iPhone so I may download it and see if its worthy enough to stand beside the 9-Toolbox. I think that one in particular is going to come in handy.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life
May 4, 2009, 9:27 pm
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First of all, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to be away so long but i was busy. Friends came down for a couple days, did a lot of yard work. And was busy doing other stuff that you don’t need to know (and no its not what you think… perverts). But It’s OK, cause I am back! No theory tonite though; no time as my mind is sore, lots going on. Tonites entry is about my new job!

I am now a public servant and it’s a pretty good feeling! I working for (beep) doing communication and citizen engagement. I get to work on a lot of fun projects were I’m responsible for organizing the way people interact virtually. What I have lined up right now is letting people know about the people they are working for; think of it like Facebook, but for (beep). I am also doing some proactive calendar work so staff at (beep) know what events are coming up and who’s doing what. It’s only the first day but I am jazzercized for what lies ahead. Plus I am making some serious coin! 

I have my own desk and computer, i have to share office space, but thats alright. I also get a view of one of the great lakes and it’s beautiful! Also working with a few other students; they haven’t started yet. I am hoping that they are fun though. they aren’t really working in the same department as me but they are in the same office. Right now the only other person is an older guy who’d really nice. I think we’ll get along well. This summer is finally starting to take shape and I love it.

And Bee Tee Dubs, I just watch the most of amazing episode of HIMYM and it was Legendary! If you are not watching this show, well you are stupid, there is no other way to put it! But seriously, watch it.

OH, I’ll be back in the city to see some of you soon!

He’s a she! She’s a he! He’s a she-she.
April 28, 2009, 9:58 pm
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So when I decided to play WoW again I was pretty set on continuing to play my Drenai Mage who is at 41 right now. This way I would be half way to the level cap while also being able to play with friends who I just moved away from. But that didn’t really happen. I mean I jump on him (yes I know how that sounds) from time to time, but I decided to play on the same server as my little brother. So I originally rolled a Troll Shammy, but 10 levels in I didn’t find him to much fun. So I re-rolled, and rolled at Orc Warrior; a female Orc Warrior. 

I got thinking, a lot of gamers create a male avatar because the population of WoW is male, which makes sense. I wanted to see the reaction though players had with a female avatar, and suffice to say it’s been interesting. Most of the female characters I have seen throughout my on-again, off-again, relationship with WoW have mostly consisted of Night Elves, and when the first expansion came out and a new race was added, then came the Blood Elves, so their happens to be quite a few of those. Though I don’t see many Orc or Troll female avatars running around; I tend to come across a few more Troll females than Orc, quite possibly because Orc’s are not the most “attractive” of the females of the game (which I believe is the Trolls, but that’s just me). And in my re-roll I noticed little things. I get approached by more gamers now then I had before. Some just start randomly talking to me, others are asking me to join guilds or to help with quests. Now I don’t know for sure, but all this attention may be to the fact that I am playing a feminine looking character. And this got me thinking.

I am wondering if there is a gender in MMO’s, or how gender is preformed, be it a neutral gender or a masculine gender. I say masculine because again, the majority of players are male and therefore bring their masculinity into the game. Now I don’t have an answers yet, I’ll have to do some research but I may have some ideas. What’s that? you want to hear these ideas already? Well I guess I can give you a taste.

The first idea I am playing with is a genderless one and a big reason for this is because gender isn’t necessarily seen in the game. The fact I chose to play a female character can demonstrate that even though sec can be seen in an avatar, the person controlling that avatar isn’t always the same sex. It would be interesting to look at role playing servers vs normal (PVE) or PVP servers. Not sure if people are still role playing in the sense of the word in this game anymore. Need to investigate further. Though as I mentioned earlier, this game is predominately masculine, so to say that this game is genderless may be a tough sell. But, just because there is a majority of one gender doesn’t mean that players are playing with gender in mind. A thought that came with this is the idea of video games being a homosocial type of society or community. I really want to look at some Judith Butler and Eve Sedgwick to see how I can apply their theories to this thought. The only issue with this though, in a homosocial community women are seen as an object, as something of value. In WoW I am not sure what that value would be. This notion that there really isn’t an “opposite” per se to the gamer makes me believe that MMO’s could be genderless.

I think it’s fair to say that sex has a place in the game. no not that dirty sex, the “gender” sex but gender is a whole different beast. In a society where many of our communities (even this one) are ones that don’t show or hide gender, is there still a gender performance, or is there a new performance that we need to look at. hmmm… interesting.

And That’s Also When Jesus Invented the High Five
April 27, 2009, 11:11 pm
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This will be a quick post, mostly to get in the habit of blogging. I just wanted to tell those who are not watching “How I Met Your Mother” should stop what they are doing and go out and either buy the first three seasons or stream them online and watch a show that I think is better than “Friends” at its absolute best. Tonight’s episode was hilarious, so funny in fact i didn’t even notice that one of the leads didn’t even show up once in the episode.
I have one theory about what’s about to happen and for those who arn’t watching this show and want to, you might to advert your eyes at this time

Still with me? good! The last episode is going to reveal the mother, and it’s going to be someone Ted absolutley detest. I think it’s going to be someone who is his complete opposite who he will fight with for half to three quarters of the next season before realizing that he needs to be with this woman. It seems logically for the show to do this. It gives you lots of jokes, you can apply a lot of the different theories that have been showing about dating to prove its point and it will give viewers an answer they have been looking for since the pilot while also giving them more HIMYM (pronounced HIM-YIM) goodness.
So keep your fingers crossed that I am right, cause there is nothing better than being right, especially about something you love!

Okay Awesome
April 26, 2009, 10:05 pm
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So I’m not sure how up to date I will keep this (I’m hoping to write a couple times a week) but we’ll see. 

This blog hopefully will be a spot for me to post my thoughts and ideas, as most people use blogs for, but I want to throw on some of my stories and get a feel for what you guys think.

This weekend wasn’t too eventful. Yesterday I was outside all day working on what we call at my house “the golf course,” which consists of our back field turned into one par 3 hole. It’s pretty awesome, the “course” is at the bottom of the hill behind our house (we have a lot of land, about 10 acres) and we stand at the top of the hill and hit balls onto the green. It’s great practice. Anyways, my dad and I did some major clean up: cutting grass, de-thatching then raking up all the dead grass, and I cut down a bush so we could see the hole better (do with that what you like). I got lots done and started a nice tan, was pretty happy with my day. Then I drank a bunch of beer and played WoW. Today i was inside most of the day, played some more WoW and then did some yard work after the rain stopped. No tanning today though. 

I don’t think all my blogs will be this personal, I really want to discuss some ideas I have. Hopefully I will look at bunch of theory (that’s literary theory for those of you don’t know me) and share my thoughts on the state of the world as I see it. Since I am trying to get into my masters right now and want to look at how video games are affecting our notions of the world and what is real, I will probably refer a lot to WoW because I can apply a lot of different types of theories to it.

Before I end my first entry of again what I hope is many, you may have some questions on two things. 1) what’s up with the name in my address? Well that’s a two part answer. A) “The Ecstasy of Gold” is a score from Sergio Leone’s “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” staring Clint Eastwood. The score is done by the great composer Ennio Morricone who worked a lot with Leone on Leone’s many fantastic spaghetti westerns as well as some other great films. B) Metallica has opened every show since 1983 with this score to not only let their audience know that they’re about to start but to get them completely and utterly jazzercized for what is about to happen. Also, Metallica recorded an instrumental for this song on a tribute album to Morricone. which is amazing! So as you can probably tell, I love this song because its in one of my favorite movies (recently been bumped to #2 from #3) and because my favorite band love it too! Why not then use this as my address. Why not I ask! 

For the second question you must have for me is, what’s up with the title of your entry. Well that’s easy, and some of you may spot it already. “Okay Awesome” is the title of an episode of “How I Met your Mother” My favorite television show at this juncture of my life, and quite possibly of all time, the jury is still out on that one. I am going to try to title my entries based on titles of songs, shows, and quotes from anything that is pertinent to what I am discussing. It’ll be your responsibility to tell everyone else what the title of my entry is from. there is a special No-Prize for the lucky winner!

So there it is, my first blog on this site. This should be fun.